Appearance and Value

From the smooth clean lines of a cedar shingle to the rustic charm of a cedar shake, cedar roofing is a product that is often imitated by man made products. However, no mass made product can match the prestige luxury and performance of natural cedar shakes and shingles.

Strength and Durability

Cedar is one of the strongest woods. It is the only form of roofing that actually adds strength to the structure. Cedar also can stand up to a wide variety of climates. From hailstorms to winter storm conditions, cedar roofs can stand the elements.


Under optimal conditions, cedar roofing can last between 20-50 years. Cedar also has natural oils that are resistant to moisture, insects and decay and allows more airflow, preventing mold growth. It is highly resistant to rain and ages gracefully with little to no maintenance all while being environmentally-friendly.

Energy Saving

With Cedar, not only the manufacturing of the product saves the planet energy but also your home will benefit. It takes substantially less energy to manufacture cedar than a petroleum based composition shingle.

Cedar Roofing also has exceptional thermal insulation properties for your home and can lower your heating costs by acting like a second layer of insulation. So go ahead, put your feet up by the fire and enjoy the cost savings in the winter months with cedar.

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