About Company


Established Since 2008

Reid’s Roofing is a small family owned business that focuses on excellent workmanship. We have a keen eye for quality and our work is guaranteed by our 10-year Workmanship Warranty. You can count on us for after sales service, as it is our philosophy that looking after our customers is the only way to do business. Our staff are very professional, friendly, and extremely hardworking.
The business originated in Edmonton, Alberta in 2008 and has quickly grown to be one of the top Roofing companies in Alberta and Ontario due to our excellent customer service and teamwork, leaving clients totally satisfied.
At Reid’s Roofing we will make your experience with us go as smooth as possible, because everyone needs a little ‘R & R’.


We begin the process with an onsite meeting to discuss in person, your roofing concerns which is then followed by a roof inspection to identify any underlying or problematic areas that might also need to be addressed.

We will make recommendations to you on the best way to resolve the issues at hand and provide you with a proposal including an approach and an estimate. After the proposal has been accepted by a customer, we will schedule a date to commence the work (weather permitting). Most homes will be completed in one to two days.

Safeguarding your property is one of the steps that are always taken at Reid’s Roofing. If there is a deck, hot tub or anything else that could be damaged by falling debris, not to worry, they will be covered with tarps or plywood for protection.

We will tow away the unwanted materials in our dump trailers the same day from your driveway to avoid you having drop bins in your driveway as they may pose an inconvenience.

If there is any problem with the roof deck i.e. rotten boards or plywood, it will be replaced as we do not shingle over rotten wood. In most cases, this will be done at no extra charge to the customer. If there is a substantial problem we will discuss anything with you prior to repair and flag any extra cost if necessary so there won’t be any surprises upon final billing.